Bosch bake off in your Queenline kitchen – perfect results every time

A beautiful, well designed and practical Queenline Kitchen will inspire you to want to cook.  State of the Art Bosch appliances will take your cooking to the highest level.    Bosch presented Queenline with their highest retail accolade making us a five star dealer and preferred partner of their company.

Masterchef- Perfect Roast Every Time

A meat probe measures the temperature at three points, as opposed to one, for optimum accuracy.  The minute the core temperature has been reached the oven turns off so it is automatically regulated by the Perfect Roast meat probe.

With this system you will easily achieve Masterchef- perfect results every time and it is suitable for meat, poultry and fish.

Max's Roasted Chicken


Bake off perfection

Perfectbake sensor your baking will reach Bake off standards with perfect ease.  This amazing sensor offers precise sensitivity and constantly measures the moisture level of your dishes, in addition to  automatically regulating the baking process.  Select the type of dish you are cooking e.g.  Cake or bread  and press start. Your oven will do the rest. Perfect cake or bread!

Orange cake


Easy Clean up

A M A Z I N G !

As if all that were not enough, the ovens themselves are sleek and sophisticated to look at.  If you choose a ‘living kitchen’ option for the design of your Queenline kitchen you will be proud to have your oven on show.

bosch oven giveaway


To celebrate these amazing cooking innovations, Queenline is offering  the top of the range Bosch single oven – the Serie 8 HRG 6769 S1B, which includes all of the above features plus steam function, completely free of charge with any Queenline kitchen purchased at a value over £8,000!

The  Retail price for this incredible machine =  £1,354

Applies to all orders placed before the 21st June.   Call us now on 01204 307191


Please note:  This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other.

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Bosch bake off in your Queenline kitchen – perfect results every time
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