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These are the faces you will see on a regular basis once we commence your project.  Everyone at Queenline, from the designers to the craftsmen and everyone in between is on a mission:  to help you to realize your dream kitchen, bedroom or office and to make certain that you thoroughly enjoy the process.
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Robin Holt

Robin has been enjoying his work for over forty years. He feels honored to be working in an area that allows him to be present from the beginning of the design process, right through to witnessing the joy of his clients when the project is complete. Married to Christine for over thirty years, they have three grown up children and one gorgeous grandson. Robin’s hobbies include cooking (and eating) and coaching a university American football team.

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Christine Holt
Design Consultant

Robin and Christine worked together in the industry for thirty years. For the last ten years or so Christine has worked for the company as a part- time design consultant. She is an author and qualified lecturer and, when not involved with design, spends much of her time running workshops and public speaking.

josh - Faces
Josh Holt

Over the last three years Josh has focused purely on design. He is meticulous about giving the client exactly what they want. He is very keen on continued personal and professional development, with a special interest in the areas of new materials and cutting edge design. Josh has a special interest in health and fitness and is a fifth dan black belt in the Korean martial art Tang soo do. He is also interested in photography and film.

jo - Faces
Jo Lewis
Customer Liason
Jo is your ‘go to’ person with any questions you might have during the completion of your project. Troubleshooter could be a word used for Jo, but we prefer conductor. Among other things she is the one who pulls everyone in the orchestra together, ensuring that everyone is where they are supposed to be at exactly the right time. Jo has two daughters and a beautiful grandson and in her spare time she enjoys going to the theater and belongs to a singing group.
toby - Faces
Tony Sopel
Tony leads one of our installation teams and has been with us almost since our inception. He is a time served joiner in the traditional sense, with an unmatched attention to detail. Forty years of experience ensures that there is nothing on any project that fazes him. With four children and seven grandchildren he barely manages to find free time! When he does, he loves to work in his garden.
ryan - Faces
Ryan Haslam
A highly skilled, well-organised, confident and self motivated individual, Ryan leads one of our installation teams. He prides himself on his impeccable standards and his total consideration for the needs of our clients. With keen interests in fitness, architecture, formula one and wine collecting, amongst other things, Ryan is a great example of what makes our teams not just men who come to install furniture, but ‘men of vision’ who come to transform your home.
Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

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Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

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