Working Process

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Working Process
These are the stages of our design process.  This is how we work. Our process has been honed to perfection over the last forty years.  Of course, the aim behind it is to make the design, purchase and installation of furniture run smoothly.  But, it is also important to us to take away any worries or concerns you may have. We want to help you to relax and enjoy the whole procedure.  Too often clients arrive at our fitted kitchens showroom, Bolton for the first time and tell us that so far their ‘journey’ is turning into a headache.  This is not allowed at Queenline.  You will enjoy every step.
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Home visit
This is where we visit you insitu for your free planning and design service. We will be with you for about an hour. Our designers have seen every size and shape of room with the wiggliest and bumpiest of walls. There is nothing they haven’t seen before. They will gather information and ask relevant lifestyles questions. Your initial ideas and ‘wish list’ will be discussed and blended with our design expertise.
johnerea - Working Process
Initial Consultation
This generally takes place in the showroom and discussion of your initial design takes place. Creative juices start to flow. This is an exciting time when the collaboration between us starts to bring forth tailor made, practical and visually stunning design concepts. This is also where you begin to realize that excellent design and true value for money is a real possibility.
plan 2 - Working Process
Design proposal
The highest level of detail goes into your design proposal. This means that you will receive plan drawings, elevations, electrical plans and fully itemised costings - not only of your kitchen or bedroom, but also complete and detailed installation costs. We can include here prices for building work and interior décor, if you have requested them.
vision - Working Process
Finally, you are presented with photorealistic perspective drawings. AND our new 360 degree panoramic view of your new kitchen. Stand in your existing kitchen with a tablet or any mobile device and see your proposed design come alive before your very eyes. You will be In no doubt about what your new kitchen is going to look like.
1 1 - Working Process
Now your kitchen/bedroom is off to be created exactly as you want it to be. Manufacturing time takes just six weeks on average and you will be given an exact fitting date so that you can arrange any ancillary work you might need to do.
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Over to the Men of vision
The day arrives! Our ‘Men of Vision’ will arrive at your door and they will not leave (except to go home to sleep) until your vision is, finally realized. Over the last 40 years we have honed our installation process. In 95% of cases the full installation will be completed in 6 working days! This is part of the Queenline Promise.
Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

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Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

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Men of Vision at our Fitted Kitchens Showroom, Bolton

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