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Fitted bedrooms Bolton
By admin / 8th January 2018

Fitted bedrooms Bolton – shed some light on a New Year

Happy New Year! Ok, we know we're trying to cling onto the festive season here, but we loved Christmas here...

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Fitted kitchen, Bolton
By admin / 5th January 2018

Fitted kitchens Bolton – What’s the big deal about a kitchen island?

Kitchen islands seem to be all the rage at the moment, but are they really as good as they seem?...

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Fitted bedrooms Bolton
By admin / 11th December 2017

Fitted bedrooms Bolton – only 2 weeks to go!

Well, there's no denying it now, is there? With Christmas literally just around the corner, here at Queenline fitted kitchens...

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fitted bedroom bolton
By admin / 8th December 2017

Fitted bedrooms Bolton – Why choose fitted bedrooms?

At Queenline we specialise in fitted bedrooms Bolton. But many people don't understand the difference between having a fitted bedroom and...

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fitted bedrooms bolton
By admin / 20th November 2017

Fitted Bedrooms Bolton – why a white Christmas can be good for you.

Everyone knows the lyrics to "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" and a white Christmas might actually help you dream better!...

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Fitted Bedrooms Bolton
By admin / 1st November 2017

Fitted bedrooms Bolton – a daunting task made easy

Can anyone else quite believe it's November? Here at Queenline Fitted Kitchens and Fitted Bedrooms Bolton, we certainly can't. Now...

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Fitted Bedroom, Bolton
By admin / 16th October 2017

Fitted bedroom, Bolton – change of season; change of room?

With Autumn now in full swing (apparently it's technically still summer, but we don't believe that) have you considered changing...

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Fitted bedrooms, Bolton
By admin / 6th October 2017

Fitted bedrooms, Bolton – so who exactly is Queenline?

Queenline Fitted Kitchens and Fitted Bedrooms, Bolton is a locally based company in the heart of the North West. We...

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Kitchen Bury
By admin / 18th September 2017

Kitchens Bury – a white kitchen doesn’t have to be a boring kitchen

So you've decided that you want your kitchens Bury to be white, but you're scared about it looking boring and...

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Fitted Bedrooms Bolton
By admin / 4th September 2017

Fitted bedrooms Bolton – bedroom design can help with a good night’s sleep!

When it comes to getting the best night's sleep, there's so much advice about that it can all get a...

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Queenline Kitchens Bury
By admin / 21st August 2017

Queenline Kitchens Bury – why not read our reviews and decide for yourself?

Anyone searching for a new product or contractor, whether you simply need a new kettle or the whole kitchen renovating,...

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Fitted bedrooms, Bury
By admin / 15th August 2017

Fitted Bedrooms, Bury – a newly fitted bedroom in time for the August Bank Holiday?

That's right, it's almost time for another Bank Holiday. Let's ignore the fact that it's at the end of August...

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Fitted bedrooms, whitefield
By admin / 10th August 2017

Fitted bedrooms, Bolton – the power of colour in your bedroom

When you're designing your new fitted bedrooms, Bolton the power of your chosen colour scheme can have a major impact....

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Fitted bedrooms, Bolton
By admin / 1st August 2017

Fitted bedrooms, Bolton – how you can make the most of a small space

Ever heard the phrase less is more? It is an extremely true mantra, especially when it comes to small fitted...

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Fitted bedrooms,Bury
By admin / 12th July 2017

Fitted bedrooms Bury – time to get the room you always wanted?

Buying the right fitted bedroom which suits your needs and personality can be a little confusing. Often, if you're doing...

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Bolton Kitchen Showroom
By admin / 15th June 2017

Schuller kitchen, Bolton – the best of the best in German fitted kitchens

If you have ever travelled and stayed somewhere other than your own house, you'll know there's not really anywhere better...

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Take a look at our fitted kitchens designs!
By Robin Holt / 5th October 2016

Take a look at our fitted kitchens designs!

When clients are going through the design process, we help them by preparing CAD perspectives for them. They often ask...

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haralow bi 1024x768 - Queenline - designing bespoke kitchens.
By Robin Holt / 29th September 2016

Queenline – designing bespoke kitchens.

More often than not we are being asked to open up client's kitchens, creating the "living kitchen". We absolutely love...

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Fitted bedroom showroom Bury
By Robin Holt / 24th September 2016

Fitted kitchen planning with Queenline.

We put a lot of effort into our plans. We want them not only to be functional but also have...

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Kitchens Bolton
By Robin Holt / 21st September 2016

Designer German fitted kitchens, Bolton

Over the last 40 years, we have offered many different kitchens. Initially, we made our own, then we introduced a...

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