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Fitted kitchen ranges

By admin / 5th July 2022

Angled breakfast bar, Kitchens in Worsley

Kitchens are built to be multi-functional so that you can add value and get the most out of these rooms....

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fitted kitchen Worsley
By admin / 28th June 2022

Eclectic mix, Kitchens in Walshaw

Recently our team were able to carry this out creating an Eclectic mix, in Walshaw. By pairing matt black furniture...

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Daval Kitchens
By admin / 14th March 2022

Daval Kitchens – A British Manufacturer

Many of us see our kitchen as the focal point of our home. As a result, having a beautifully designed...

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German kitchens
By admin / 2nd March 2022

German Kitchens at Queenline Kitchen Showroom

Due to Germany being at the heart of engineering and manufacturing, it comes as no surprise that German kitchens are...

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fitted bedrooms
By admin / 30th January 2022

Personalising your fitted bedroom

Your bedroom is more than just a room that you sleep and wake up in. It's somewhere that is solely...

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fitted kitchen
By admin / 20th January 2022

Trying to brighten up your fitted kitchen?

With the day's getting darker earlier, it's no wonder that you want to keep your home feeling as bright and...

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2022 Kitchen Trends
By admin / 15th January 2022

2022 Kitchen Trends

People never stop buying kitchens. As a result,  Kitchen Trends are ever-changing, with new decors coming in and out of...

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2022 Bedroom Trends
By admin / 4th January 2022

2022 Bedroom Trends

Your bedroom shouldn’t just be the place you sleep, but a place of tranquillity away from everything else. By keeping...

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Fitted kitchens Worsley
By admin / 6th October 2021

Why choose a professional fitted kitchen designer?

So you're thinking about upgrading your current kitchen to a brand spanking new fitted kitchen, but where do you start?...

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Fitted bedroom showroom Bury
By admin / 15th September 2021

How to keep a fresh smelling fitted bedroom

Think about how much time you actually spend in your bedroom and in bed sleeping. Then it's no wonder that...

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Fitted kitchens Worsley
By admin / 3rd September 2021

Choosing the right kitchen island style for your fitted kitchen

When we're planning fitted kitchen North West, the majority of our customers ask for a kitchen island to be included...

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fitted bedroom showroom
By admin / 19th August 2021

How to brighten up your fitted bedroom

A dark bedroom night sound like a good idea, especially if you're someone who struggles to sleep. But when you're...

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fitted kitchen showroom north west
By admin / 5th August 2021

Getting your kitchen summer ready!

Things are starting to re-open, we're starting to get a little bit of normality back and that means it's time...

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fitted kitchen Worsley
By admin / 21st July 2021

Putting those finishing touches on your brand new fitted kitchen

So you've planned out your new fitted kitchen, you know what appliances are going where and you know what finish...

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fitted bedrooms bolton
By admin / 6th July 2021

Why you should invest in fitted bedrooms and fitted wardrobes

Here at Queenline Fitted Bedroom Showroom North West, we have years of experience when it comes to creating bespoke fitted...

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Fitted kitchens Bury
By admin / 15th June 2021

Is it time to de-clutter your fitted kitchen?

We've all been spending so much time at home that it's no surprise things are starting to pile up again....

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Fitted bedroom modern
By admin / 3rd June 2021

Creating a neutral fitted bedroom that isn’t boring

Some people may look down on neutral fitted bedrooms and think of them as boring, however there are ways in...

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buying a kitchen
By admin / 18th May 2021

How to bring colour into your fitted kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home and it's important that you create a fitted kitchen that you enjoy spending...

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fitted kitchens showroom
By admin / 6th May 2021

Galley fitted kitchens – what are they and how can they fit into your home?

Galley kitchens are named after the kitchens that you tend to find in ships. They are compact, efficient and practical....

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Fitted kitchen, Bolton
By admin / 14th April 2021

How to plan out your kitchen unit layout

When creating a fitted kitchen, you want a room that not only is easy to navigate, but somewhere that you...

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