Why choose a professional fitted kitchen designer?

So you’re thinking about upgrading your current kitchen to a brand spanking new fitted kitchen, but where do you start? Well you could choose to do everything yourself. Buy your own units, maybe install them yourself or get help from trained family or friends. Or you could go to a big chain company that might push you to choose their own branded units in order to get extra sales. Or your other choice is a family run, independent company such as ourselves here at Queenline Fitted Kitchen Showrooms. 

Why use a fitted kitchen design team? 

But why should you choose us over the other options you have?

Well, our team here at Queenline have years of experience within the fitted kitchen industry.  Our aim is to create your dream fitted kitchen without blowing your budget or without you having to lose out on any style or substance. 

Our team of designers are on hand to do all of the work.  Starting off with taking the measurements of your kitchen then inputting all the data into a computer program. This program will then create a mock up of your feature fitted kitchen. During these beginning steps, you and our design team will have meetings in order to go through all of your different kitchen wants and needs. So that includes what appliance will be going in what space, what colours and finishes you want and even any unusual requests you may have. 

We work with many different kitchen manufacturers. Which means you’re not stuck with one brand that might not be 100% right for what you want. Our team are able to find the right company and the right kitchen units for your bespoke kitchen. 

Fitted Kitchen Showrooms

If you would like to hear more about what we can do for your fitted kitchen, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. 


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Creating an impression of space in your kitchen.
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