The Kitchen Design Experts Channel

Have you seen our new YouTube channel Kitchen Design Experts, its a relatively new channel that we started back in June? We specifically started filming because we had available time due to lockdown restrictions and have a wealth of knowledge that we’d love to share in a fresh modern way.
So, while some in the UK have taken to zoom meetings, we started making programs to share kitchen design advice on our YouTube channel and Facebook.

What kitchen topics we discuss..

You can get a watch and get comprehensive advice on some popular kitchen-related topics like:
  • Quartz worktops (All you need to know about Quartz kitchen worktops)
  • Kitchens: Custom made vs Bespoke
  • Sinks (All about the Kitchen sink)
  • KITCHEN CABINETS (Types of kitchen cabinets)
  • kitchen design (Fridge freezer housings)
  • Flatpack kitchens. (Flatpack kitchens pros and cons)
  • Kitchen islands (Kitchen islands design hack)
  • Slide and hide Neff oven (Are slide and hide ovens worth it?)
  • HANDLELESS KITCHENS – the best handle-less kitchen
  • Buying a kitchen: Kitchen showrooms
  • Kitchen design ideas – Kitchen design ideas to make your kitchen look bigger
  • Buying a kitchen- Buying a kitchen without making expensive mistakes

Who is our Kitchen Design Channel for?

Our kitchen design channel is aimed at anyone that’s thinking about buying a new kitchen or refurbishing their existing kitchen. 
In our videos, we try to give an impartial view and explain all you need to know about planning and designing. Plus, we offer industry knowledge so you will know what you are buying and be sure the price is right.
Queenline Kitchens have found our new channel a great way to share kitchen design facts all in one place. Additionally, it has allowed us to reach out to people that were unable to come into our showroom. But, ultimately it gives our customers the reassurance that we’re a professional company that knows what it talking about when it comes to planning and designing kitchens.
In our lates film we tackle the subject of  worktops. Specifically, Silestone quartz and other brands available. We explain the manufacture of quartz and why prices.

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