Sleek & Modern Kitchen Diner, Belmont

Although Kitchens in Belmont do get messy, an all-white kitchen design is definitely an eye-opener. This Sleek & Modern Kitchen Diner, Belmont, was a personalised design completely overhauling an old interior.

The Queenline team have been updating kitchens in and around the Greater Manchester area, including Belmont, for many years. Which makes us the ideal candidates to replace and install within your kitchen setting. We operate in Belmont and the surrounding areas on a day to day basis.
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Our Bolton Showroom is the place for you to begin planning your new kitchen. Our workforce aims to make the project design process a smooth transition towards a modern kitchen. Each one of our installation team has the knowledge and experience to handle your kitchen project.


Sleek & Modern Kitchens In Belmont

With many of our kitchen designs, we experiment on computers before bringing them into reality. Firstly we create a blueprint, from here our design team produce a 3D computer visual for both you and us. This establishes that everyone knows exactly what this kitchen looks like before beginning the project.

The idea with this build was to build a bar area which is symmetrical on both sides. Before anything else was done, the old worktops were removed and replaced with Corian worktops. These were done with a neutral finish and the white was added with accessories. Belmont2 300x200 - Sleek & Modern Kitchen Diner, Belmont

Both the hob and the sink were added to the island, along with a surrounding food preparation surface. This area sits four people, with a wooden finish above and surrounding the bar area. If anything, this project proves that light colour palettes can be flexible.


Queenline Kitchen Installations

Queenline Kitchens can install modern kitchen diners to renovate your old kitchens. With our designers, you will have the freedom to experiment with designs until you are confident in your kitchen plan.

So if you are interested in Queenline Kitchen Installations, get in touch by clicking here.


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