Putting those finishing touches on your brand new fitted kitchen

So you’ve planned out your new fitted kitchen, you know what appliances are going where and you know what finish you want your cabinets in. Now it’s time to think of those little things that will end up bringing your kitchen together. 

Here at Queenline Fitted Kitchens North West, we have been in the home interior industry for decades, and during our time we have seen a huge amount of fitted kitchens and we know how much of a difference those small details make. 

Fitted Kitchen Finishing Touches 

  • Lighting 

Having good lighting in your kitchen means you can transform the room from somewhere you cook and eat in, to a room in which you can entertain family and friends. Spot lights and under counter lighting is ideal to use for task lighting. Combine that with a nice stylish pendant lighting as the ‘main’ light, then you have the best of both worlds.

  • Handles/door knobs 

Now this is a point that not many think about, but you always have the option to change your door handles and door knobs. You could really push the boat out, get something quirky, bright and a little bit different. Or you could change them into a different metal that could go with the rest of your kitchen theme.

  • Taps 

This is something that nearly everyone over looks. You tend to get a silver tap as standard, but there are so many different styles of taps available now that may end up looking better in your brand new fitted kitchens North West. You could choose from different materials, different finishes or even a hot water tap, eliminating the need for a kettle. 

Fitted Kitchens North West

If you would like some more advice when it comes to adding those finishing details to your fitted kitchens North West, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design team! 

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