Creating a neutral fitted bedroom that isn’t boring

Some people may look down on neutral fitted bedrooms and think of them as boring, however there are ways in which you can create a neutral themed bedroom that is still interesting and still a room that you can enjoy spending time in. Here at Queenline Fitted Bedroom Showroom North West, we have created bedrooms with a whole host of different themes and colour schemes. Here are our 4 top tips in creating an interesting neutral fitted bedroom. 

Neutral Fitted Bedrooms

  • Choose the right tones 

Colours can really effect the mood and the feeling of a room. Choosing colours with the same undertones is important. Keep things nice and subtle using colours such as greys, whites, creams or even pastel tones. 

Neutral tones create a calm atmosphere and can also be easily accessorised. It can also help a small room feel bigger and airier. 

  • Furniture 

Choosing the right furniture is key. Try not to over clutter your room with things that you don’t need or that don’t have a purpose. Always try and think about colours, shapes and designs that work well together without being too overbearing. 

  • Avoid clutter 

Clutter makes a room look so much smaller than it actually is. And like the saying goes, tidy room tidy mind! An easy way to avoid a cluttered room is by having enough storage. Our teams can create a fitted bedroom and fitted wardrobe that really makes the most of the space you have available. They are tailored to your needs which means if you need extra spaces for your shoes or extra hanging space for your shirts, that can be included. 

  • Personality 

Of course it’s important not to forget about bringing a little bit of your personality into your room because it is your room. That might be some photos, a poster or two or even adding a pop of your favourite colour with some pillows or accessories. 

Fitted Bedroom Showroom North West

If you’d like some more advice on how to create an interesting fitted bedroom, then why not get in touch with a member of our team?  

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