How to make the most of small fitted kitchens Bury!

Sometimes it can be hard when it comes to redesigning and making the most of a small sized kitchen/kitchenette. But thanks to our expertise, our fitted kitchens Bury designers are able to work with whatever space is available.  

How to make the most of small fitted kitchens Bury

So you need to start thinking about your kitchen essentials before anything else. You need space for your fridge, freezer, oven, hob, sink etc. And they need to be fitted carefully to make sure that you are able to fully open all the doors and use them, whilst having enough space to actually manoeuvre and cook in your kitchen. We suggest trying to purchase two in one appliances. For example, fridge-freezers, washer-dryers or a combined oven, hob and extractor fan. 

Another little space saving tip we have, is to use lighting strips, under cupboard lighting or floor lighting. They’re a nice way to add some extra lighting into the kitchen in a different way. With it being a smaller fitted kitchen, you might not have the luxury of having as much natural light as you’d like. 

You also need to be very aware of not over crowding your kitchen with cabinets. It’s easy to fill every possible space with cabinets or storage but will it be practical in the long run? We would suggest not overcrowding! Our designers would work with you to suggest what they think would look and work the best in your kitchen. No matter how small or awkwardly shaped it may be. 

Queenline Fitted Kitchens Bury 

So if you’re interested in updating your kitchen, or you’re planning on treating yourself to a brand new fully fitted kitchen, then get in contact with one of our team today! Here at Queenline, we’ve been in the fitted furniture industry for many, many years and we’d like to believe that we’ve got the experience and knowledge to create your perfect fitted kitchen. 

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Creating an impression of space in your kitchen.
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