How to plan out your kitchen unit layout

When creating a fitted kitchen, you want a room that not only is easy to navigate, but somewhere that you enjoy spending time in with both friends and family. Your layout is incredibly important and that’s why we wanted to pull a little blog together that breaks down all the different elements of creating a successful kitchen unit layout. 

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One thing that we take into consideration with every single fitted kitchen we design and put together and that is the kitchen triangle concept. That consists of having your sink, cooker and fridge on the three corners of a triangle. Using this concept creates ease of access and gives you a clear pathway making it easier to navigate around your kitchen. 

So you’ll need to plan the rest of your kitchen units around that triangle layout. You’ll need to take into account where the rest of your appliances might be. Will you have some integrated, will you have enough room for that kitchen island you’ve been dreaming about? 

You’ll also need to think about the internal storage for your units. You’ll most likely want cleaning materials near your sink, any cutlery, plates etc near the cooker. So once you’ve set out where your triangle is going to be you can start thinking about where your going in store things. 

If you have a busy family home with small children running around, safety is something else that is going to be paramount when you’re planning your kitchen. That might include soft close on your unit doors and storing anything large or heavy at the bottom of your cupboard. 

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If you’d like to upgrade your kitchen and make it into a room that is easier to spend time in, then why not give us a call today? Our team have years of experience in creating dream fitted kitchens, so why not let us do it for you? 

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