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re you looking for the best kitchen designers Bolton? Then, look no further as Queenline has an extremely stylish and experienced kitchen designing team at the ready! Who are familiar with all of the latest kitchen trends, allowing us to create a dream kitchen with no limits.

So, no matter if the kitchens is big, small, or an odd shape; we can design the perfect kitchen with you.

Designing an open plan kitchen 

Open-plan living spaces grow more popular every year, especially in more modern homes. Although, this doesn’t mean that open-plan living is limited to a certain style of home. The days of separate kitchens and formal dining areas are becoming less popular.

Therefore, in lots of new homes and refurbishments, a socially welcoming kitchen, as well as a nice place to eat, is all the fashion. Plus, it creates a larger area that is more aesthetically pleasing.

We think this is a great use of space and can be used by all!  So, if your main objective is to design your kitchen to fit with your existing home or create an open-plan living space. Then, our kitchen designers Bolton can offer you the guidance you need.

Keep Space Looking open

In addition, designing your new kitchen to fit in with your open-plan living space; it is good to keep as much open space as possible. For instance, It can be tempting to install overhead cupboards in as many areas for more storage.

Instead, we can design minimalist kitchen storage options.. Such as, open shelving or floating shelves that further lend an airy and open feeling to your kitchen workspace.

Add a stylish kitchen island

Finally, when working to design an open-plan kitchen, you’ll probably want to consider a kitchen island. So, with an island, the benefit is that it provides extra storage without having to mount additional overhead cupboard space. Also, giving a subtle distinction between the kitchen and the rest of the space.

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