Galley fitted kitchens – what are they and how can they fit into your home?

Galley kitchens are named after the kitchens that you tend to find in ships. They are compact, efficient and practical. They’re also designed to make the most out of what little space you may have available. 

There are two different types of galleys, single and double. A single galley has everything against one wall, that includes the fridge freezers, ovens and all the storage. A double galley is where you have a path/walk way down the middle of your kitchen and appliances or storage on both sides.

This style of fitted kitchen ebbs and flows with different home interior trends. It’s a timeless style that can always adapt with whatever design you want to mix it with.

Here at Queenline Fitted Kitchens Showroom, we wanted to talk about a few ways in which you can bring your galley kitchen into the 21st century. 

Galley Fitted Kitchen Ideas

If you have decided to choose a galley kitchen design due to lack of space, then there are few ways in which you can make your kitchen feel bigger.

Choosing light glossy finish for your units and cabinets allows the natural light to bounce around the entire room, giving the feeling of more space. 

Another space saving idea is choosing to go handle-less. Getting rid of the handles means you can get right up to the units if you need too. It’s also incredibly modern and style. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Even if you do have a large kitchen area, you may choose incorporate a double galley design. It streamlines your kitchen into an area for cooking and a breakfast bar/kitchen island section. It really lends itself to open plan living. 

Fitted Kitchens Showroom

We love a galley kitchen design when it’s executed well. Our kitchen designers have all the knowledge and experience to create a stylish and practically kitchen design in any room. So if you’ve been thinking about giving your kitchen a well needed make over, get in touch with one of our team today. 


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