Fitted kitchens Bury – planning and designing your space

When it comes to the decision of making some home improvements and renovations in your fitted kitchens Bury, there can be any number of factors which influence this. For example, you could use some more workspace, or maybe you require more storage space. Whatever your reasoning, you need to plan and design your space effectively to make sure you utilise the space to its full potential.

Fitted kitchens Bury

Whether you’ve got a small kitchen or a larger space to work with, there’s always a design to suit you. If you plan it well, you can have things in your kitchen you probably never thought possible. It may sound obvious, but if you thoroughly measure up the widths and heights of your fitted kitchens Bury, you can install things such as cupboards, cabinets and even an island in all available alcoves and floor space accurately.

Measuring your windows, doors and fixtures and fittings can also be beneficial. Having a smaller window sill can give you more space as your window will be flatter against the wall. Making sure your door frames are also flush will allow for a better dimension within the room.

Colour and final finishes to fitted kitchens Bury can make a huge difference to the overall look. It goes without saying really that if you want your room to look bigger, you use a lighter colour décor. Mirrors will also give a deceptive feeling of space. If your room is larger, however, then you can afford to go a bit darker with your interior, maybe even opting for a ‘feature wall’. 

Queenline fitted kitchens Bury showroom

Worktop choices are becoming more and more varied and play a vital role in the finished design. It is important to take into consideration whether you want a traditional or more modern look as what durability you need in your kitchen, especially if you’re big cooks or have small children!

For more ideas about fitted kitchens Bury, visit our website or simply call in and see us. We located just a short distance from Bolton town centre and the kettle’s always on!

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Creating an impression of space in your kitchen.
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