Fitted kitchens Bolton – are you all kitted out for this summer of sport?

In this summer of sport and beautiful weather, it might be extremely tempting to carry out some home renovations. Here at Queenline fitted kitchens Bolton, we are completely behind this idea!

Fitted kitchens Bolton

Imagine being the talk of the town with your brand new fitted kitchen! Or if you particularly enjoy hosting dinner parties, imagine being able to invite everyone round to some beautiful and bespoke kitchen appliances and accessories! Especially with so much sport going on at the minute, it would be perfect if you could open those patio doors and let the party spill out onto the garden! Failing that, everyone knows all good parties end up in the kitchen. Why not make it a brand new one? If you’re lucky enough to have a TV in your fitted kitchens Bolton, then you’ve really got the summer sports parties sorted!

Some home refurbishments and renovations can really breathe new life into tired looking rooms and spaces. 

On the other hand, you might hate the fact that football is currently everywhere and just want a distraction from it! We also recommend this as the perfect time for renovations of fitted kitchens Bolton.

Furniture showroom Bolton

The best way to make a smaller kitchen feel bigger is being clever with lighting and colour. Having lots of bright, natural light flooding in can really make all the difference. To make the most of the light, use a fresh and clean colour scheme. Gloss units, stainless steel and white tiles allow light to bounce off them perfectly. This then creates a light and airy atmosphere.

However, if you enjoy entertaining but not so much the preparation or cleaning up after, then why not look into upgrading to smart appliances? There are now self-cleaning ovens, precision cookers/air fryers, boiling water taps and even freezers that have a media player built into them!

Call into Queenline fitted kitchens Bolton today and we’ll help get the party started!

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