Fitted bedrooms Bolton – how to create individual space in a shared bedroom

Not many children are willing to share a room, but sometimes needs must and your kids need to share. But of course they will still want and need their own space and their own privacy. So how can you help to make sharing a room go as smoothly as possible? Well here at Queenline Fitted Bedrooms Bolton, we might have a few handy tips and tricks to help you out! 

Shared and fitted bedrooms Bolton

The easiest way to make your children feel like they have their own space is by allowing them to decorate their own space. Letting them choose their own colour scheme will let them transfer their personality into the room. Or start with a neutral bedroom and let them choose their own bed covers, pillows, photos and bedroom accessories. This way you don’t need to worry about letting them go OTT on your walls. 

It’s also important to try and make sure that everyone has their own storage space, and enough of it. Kids are somehow brilliant at cluttering up their bedrooms, however not so good when it comes to cleaning up the mess. And clutter can make the room look smaller than it actually is. So help them to try and keep their mess to a minimum by having enough storage space to easily put everything away.  

Finally, try and establish some personal space for each child. This could be done through the use of screens or sliding panels. They are an easy (and temporary) way to create separate areas! 

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If you’re looking for any help or advice when it comes to creating a fitted bedroom Bolton, whether it’s for yourself, your kids or your spare room needs sprucing up, come and visit our team and work with them to create your perfect bedroom! 

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