Is it time to de-clutter your fitted kitchen?

We’ve all been spending so much time at home that it’s no surprise things are starting to pile up again. So this might be the perfect time to get de-cluttering and what better place to start than in your kitchen?! The kitchen is the heart of the home! It’s a place that everyone spends some time in during the day and for many, it might even be your home office now. A tidy home leads to a tidy mind, so here are some easy ways in which you can de-clutter your kitchen. 

De-cluttering your fitted kitchen North West

The best place to start when you’re thinking about de-cluttering is with a good old clear out. Get the bin bags and be ruthless with what you keep, what you throw and what you can donate. The more space you can make now, the easier the rest of the job will be. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of the things you don’t need and don’t use any more, it’s time to start working on the things you have left. 

Creating specific work areas can help you keep things in their place. Having one section just for cooking, so keeping your pots and pans near the cooker. Then you can have another section for prep. And another different area such as under the sink for all your cleaning products. 

Then once everything has it’s own place in your kitchen, it’s time to start making the most of our dead space. So that could be installing a wall hanging knife rack, pull out spice trays or even tension rods that you can hang stuff off. 

Another way to reduce the look of clutter is through the use of clever little storage solutions. Those are little things like using pan separators for pan lids and baking trays. You could even attache magnets to objects that are constantly in use and stick them onto the fridge. Another easy tip is  to attache hooks on the inside of your cabinets. You can then hang up pans, colanders, large piece of cutlery, all whilst making more room in the interior of the cupboard. 

Queenline Fitted Kitchen North West

Maybe your kitchen can’t be saved by just a de-clutter. If it’s time for an entire brand new fitted kitchen, then get in touch with one of our team and start your fitted kitchen journey today! 

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