Daval Kitchens – A British Manufacturer

Many of us see our kitchen as the focal point of our home. As a result, having a beautifully designed kitchen can be a major priority for many homeowners across the UK. Here at Queenline, we work closely with the kitchen design team at Daval kitchens. Daval is independent retailers that supply fitted kitchens throughout the whole of the UK. 

Our partnership with Daval enables us as a company to deliver quality British craftsmanship to our customers. Their stunning kitchen designs create a space that is so much more than simply somewhere to cook and eat. But instead allows us to create an expertly fashioned area where you can capture precious memories.

Who are Daval Kitchens?

In July 1978, David Bodsworth, who is the founder of Daval, was working as a trained cabinet maker when he had the idea to start a business designing and selling furniture for people’s homes. He began working from a small shop, found in West Yorkshire, and soon after, Daval was born.

This family-run business has been creating magnificent kitchen and bedroom designs since 1978 and continues to design and manufacture made-to-measure cabinetry for homes across the land with the help of over 100 partners across the UK.

Why choose Daval for your kitchen

Thanks to their 40 years of experience, Daval has perfected the process of designing bespoke fitted kitchens. Allowing them to create stunning spaces for homes of all shapes and sizes.

These tailored to your kitchens focus on individual needs and the personalisation of every detail. As every customer is different, Daval understands that as a result, so is every home. Whether it be a lifestyle, type of property, or budget, that influences your need for certain specifications, Daval’s custom-made kitchen design process can guarantee your kitchen is the perfect fit for you.

Regardless of your style, this British kitchen expert has something for everyone. From classic schemes to contemporary fitted kitchen cabinetry. Daval can create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. Not only does this add to the joy of living in your home, but it also adds value!

Visit Queenline’s Fitted Kitchen Showroom

For many in the market for a new kitchen, it’s simply not enough to view a product through a screen. That’s why we have a Daval Kitchen Showroom that enables our customers to not only view their prospective kitchen designs but feel the quality too.

A showroom can help you to visualize the finished product better and allows you to assess the functionality of our kitchens by opening the doors and drawers and interacting with the displays.

Our reliable kitchen fitters are highly qualified and can expertly transform the most innovative design concepts into reality. Why not get in touch with us today, to start your purchase journey and move closer to the kitchen of your dreams?

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