How to create a luxury, hotel like fitted bedroom in your own home

Sometimes we all need a little bit of luxury and class in our lives, and what better place to bring that luxury into than your bedroom? We spend a huge amount of time in our bedroom and it’s only fair that you create a room that you really enjoy spending time in and somewhere that you can fully relax in. 

Here at Queenline Fitted Bedroom Showrooms Bolton, we have years of experience creating dream fitted bedrooms and that’s why we wanted to create a short blog telling you some easy ways in which you can add a touch of luxury and class to your own fitted bedroom. 

Luxury Fitted Bedrooms Bolton

The first place to start is your colour scheme. Different colours can evoke different feelings. Neutral and cool tones can create a feeling of calm and help you fall asleep easier. Avoid using bright bold colours like red and orange. If you do want to use those colours, pick your shades carefully. Use deeper shades and use them as accessories rather than all over the bedroom. 

Another trick that hotels use is hanging long curtains. Long draping curtains help to create a cosy and luxurious feel in the room. Not to mention they can help block out the light, leading to you having a better night’s sleep. Depending on what curtain pattern you choose, this could be another major accessory in your room. 

Talking about accessories, mirrors are another staple in a hotel bedroom. Of course they have a practical application, but they can also bounce light around the room making it feel bigger and brighter. 

To have a luxurious bedroom, you need to have luxurious bedding. That doesn’t mean you have to go our and spend a huge amount of money on your bedding, you just need to match it to the rest of your rooms colour scheme. Combining oversized back pillows with smaller cushions creates a hotel feel and is something you can change as often as you want too. 

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If you’re looking to update your current bedroom and you’re looking for some help or advice, then look no further than our team here at Queenline! 

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