How to increase your kitchen storage thanks to your corner units.

There always seems to be a struggle for kitchen space whenever we speak to our customers, and we try to advice them to the best of our abilities on how to save space in their kitchens. Here at Queenline we’ve been an established kitchen company Bolton for a number of years and we want to impart some of our kitchen knowledge onto you!

Most kitchens have a corner unit, and that unit tends to have things just pushed further and further into them until you end up forgetting about what’s in the back on the unit and buying more kitchen equipment. But we’ve come up with a few ways that you can make the most of that cupboard space. 

  • Pull out cabinets – The maneuverable cabinet means you can get the maximum access. It’s also ideal for heavier items that you don’t want to damage. The curved style of pull out cabinets can be used to stash away bulky yet essential kitchen items like spice racks, tin trays and even wine coolers! 
  • Carousel corner cabinets – You could say this is the contrast to the pull out cabinet. The carousel just turns rather than actually leaving the unit. This way you can easily see everything you’re storing without having to bend down, move things out the way or strain yourself. 
  • Drawers – If you’ve got a spare or awkward corner why not install in some drawers? You can never have enough drawers or extra storage space. The drawers are brilliant for organisation. You could add in some dividers and trays  to give it a neat and tidy finish. 

Kitchen company Bolton

If you think that you’re not making the most of your kitchen space, then why not get in touch with one of our team today? They will work with you to create your perfect kitchen that ticks all your boxes including your budget. 

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