How to choose the perfect fitted Kitchen North West for your home

Every home had a theme, even if it an underlying one, and if you want your fitted kitchen North West to match the rest of your house, you may already have a style in mind. For example you will know if it is going to be modern or traditional.

If you want a modern kitchen then Queenline has lots of designs from the top manufacturers, like Daval. Within modern kitchens, we have fitted there are lots of gloss finishes and bright colours. The furniture tends to be very sleek, for instance no handles just pull or push to open drawers. Therefore, the kitchen space looks clean and tidy.

On the other hand, Queenline also have experience in fitting more classic kitchens in which wood is very popular. We have a huge amount of designs that replicate those traditional feels! Also, there are various colours you can choose when you go for a classic kitchen. For example, there are light colour woods and dark, that can both be painted!

Which design will fit your home the best?

At Queenline our two main suppliers for kitchens are Schuller and Daval. So, these companies offer state of the art kitchens that are built with the highest quality materials. Therefore, you know that you are getting the best kitchen possible when you choose Queenline. Also, in our showroom we have lots of designs that we have built so you can see which aspects you like from each!

Inside the fitted kitchens there is lots of storage space in locations of your kitchen that you would never even think of! Furthermore, you can make the most out of your kitchen space, even awkward spots that used to be an annoyance!

Overall, if you are interested in purchasing a new fitted kitchen North West please see Queenline in Bolton. We are located next to major road links allowing easy access to and from our location.

Fitted kitchen North West

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