Brighten up your fitted bedrooms Bolton with a bold and bright colour scheme!

As you can imagine, we create and install fitted bedrooms on a daily basis. Maybe of the bedrooms that we create tend to fall into the cream, white or neutral colour scheme, so it’s nice to work with a bedroom that pushes the boat out colour scheme wise. We’ve put together some of our favourite bright and bold fitted bedroom Bolton colour schemes. 

Think pink 

We’re not talking about a bright luminous pink, we’re on about a more adult and muted pink, with grey and beige underlying tones to stop it being too ‘girly.’ Stay away from bold patterns if you’re going for this colour, stick to textures and copper bedroom accessories to accent alongside the pink. 

Brighten up your bedroom with yellow 

Yellow is perfect to uplift your mood and put a smile on your face during this up and coming Spring. If you’re looking for something to offset the yellow, why not try grey? They both work together very well, which makes grey the perfect way to finish off your yellow bedroom. This could be with something as simple as some nice grey bedding or wall accessories. 

Make a splash with some blues  

Why not try layering up blues and green to give an warm aquatic feel? Break it up with bright white lights, crisp sheets and soft furnishings. 

Finish your bedroom with florals 

Florals are the perfect way to bring some sunshine into your bedroom, but you need to be careful when it comes to having bright colours/florals and making sure nothing clashes together. Keep all other patterns in the room as minimal as possible. 

Fitted bedrooms Bolton 

We hope that this short and sweet blog has given you some bolder and brighter ideas for your fitted bedroom Bolton instead of just going with the more traditional (sometimes boring) ‘magnolia’ or ‘eggshell white!’ If you’re looking for any more information on our bedroom services, get in touch with one of our team today! 

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