How to brighten up your fitted bedroom

A dark bedroom night sound like a good idea, especially if you’re someone who struggles to sleep. But when you’re in a dark room during the day, it can feel incredibly moody and stifling. So how can you bring some light into your room and make it feel bigger, brighter and all around better? 

Brightening up fitted bedrooms

Choosing the right colour scheme is important. Stick to wall colours that are light as they will help to reflect the natural light and really make the room shine. You can always accessories with dark colours or have a darker toned feature walls, but keeping the rest of walls light is key. 

Try and make the most out of the natural light that you have available. Don’t block out your windows with any furniture, and always have your curtains and blinds as open as possible to let the light stream in! 

You might be in a position in which you don’t get a lot of natural light, so load up on the next best thing.. artificial light! You can now purchase light bulbs that give of a more natural light. This can provide you with a really comfortable source of light, not one in which you feel like you’re blinding yourself every time you turn the light on. If you want a brighter light bulb in your main light, then you can bring in lamps, fairy lights and the such to use as comfort lighting. 

Having dark flooring is similar to having dark walls, it can really suck the light out of a room. Opt for a lighter flooring colour to achieve the light and brightness in your room. 

Fitted bedroom showroom North West

Here at Queenline fitted bedroom showroom North West, we have decades of experience designing fitted bedrooms. If you think your bedroom could do with an update, why not get in touch with one of our team to see what we could do for you? 

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