2022 Kitchen Trends

People never stop buying kitchens. As a result,  Kitchen Trends are ever-changing, with new decors coming in and out of fashion. Don’t just jump onto the bandwagon; be ahead of it, to ensure your kitchen stands the test of time. Queenline will get up to date with 2022 Kitchen Trends, so your kitchen isn’t left in the dust.

Queenline Kitchen Trends 2022

The most popular type of Kitchen right now is most definitely Wooden Kitchens. Wooden Units can slot into both timeless traditional kitchens and 2022 contemporary kitchens. The Combination of Wooden Units and Plant Pots are currently in trend, making for an exceptional nature look.

Smart Appliances are becoming increasingly popular, thus more important to a modern kitchen. Smart Appliances make your kitchen experience much easier, with timers, specifications and much more! Bringing your kitchen into 2022. LG and Samsung have excellent ranges of Smart Appliances to allow you to have the most modern kitchen experience possible.

Colour schemes have become very minimalistic in recent years, but bold kitchen unit colours can make a lasting impact.  Stray away from your all-white kitchen and have a light yet bold countertop as the centrepiece of your kitchen.

Becoming a desirable material over this past decade, Marble is the material to add a luxurious flair to your kitchen. Marble can be both the main material and the perfect compliment. Durable enough to withstand potential damage and having that incomparable visual aesthetic, Marble is high-end for a reason.

Despite being associated with outdated Kitchens, Kitchen Wallpaper is making a return in 2022. The latest kitchen wallpapers on the market are non-woven paper, focused on insulation, as well as pattern. Colour and pattern can go hand-in-hand, being an excellent way of pairing wallpaper patterns with unit colours.

Queenline has been updating kitchens in the North West for years, with 2022 being no exception. Our team can’t wait to help update your kitchen, and hope you take inspiration from these ideas.

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