2022 Bedroom Trends

Your bedroom shouldn’t just be the place you sleep, but a place of tranquillity away from everything else. By keeping up to date with 2022 Bedroom Trends, you will know how to give your bedroom a modern makeover.

Queenline are bedroom design specialists in the North West, who have excellent experience and knowledge to enhance your bedroom décor. We’re hoping to give you some insight so you can stay up to date with the latest trends and have a bedroom to wow anyone that see’s it. 

2022 Bedroom Trends

Many trends come and go, so it’s handy to pinpoint the upcoming and established trends for 2022.

Neutral Colour Schemes

Neutral Colour Schemes are all the hype at the minute and are being used across every room of the house. This colour palette provides a contemporary theme, using light colours to ensure a calm setting. Creating a place to meditate as well as unwind. Mixing natural colours together can make for an elegant and dynamic appearance!

Bold Headboards

A Bold Headboard is a trend you can take inspiration from, to make your bed the grand attraction of your room. Statement Headboards bring a focus to your bedroom, which may transform your room into somewhat of a getaway.  A cosy headboard will mean you’ll sit back in style whilst watching your favourite films in bed – ideal for lazy days!

Size isn’t always important 

Box Rooms are making their way back into fashion, being a comfortable affair, with a vintage aesthetic. They are made up of a comfy bed, stylish curtains and for a modern twist, we suggest a Television. Even though there’s a lack of space in these small rooms, you can still create a personal and intimate vibe by blending together different colours, patterns and materials for a unique sleeping experience.

Classic Wallcoverings

Similarly to kitchens, Classic Wallpapers are becoming increasingly relevant again. By replicating traditional patterns, you can take advantage of the rarity of wallpapers with a contrast in colour and pattern. Experiment with light patterns and dark colours, to create a décor unique to your bedroom!

For your brand-new bedroom, contact Queenline Bedrooms, today, to update or completely revamp your bedroom.  Our bedroom design specialists will bring you a bedroom not only for 2022, but for many years to come.

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