Get rid of bedroom clutter

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful  (William Morris 1834-1896)

I have always considered the above advice from William Morris to be very wise.  That is until I attempted to put it into practice.  I challenge you to try it.  The problem for me is that  I look at some things and think, ‘well, it might come in useful at some point’.  Other things I actually find quite hideous to look at.  But, they were either given to me by someone I care about or they serve to remind me of a lovely time in my life. So, they stay.

Get rid of bedroom clutter

I have the same problem in the bedroom. A de-cluttering expert once said, if you look at an item of clothing in your wardrobe and you haven’t worn it for over twelve months –  throw it out or give it away…I have clothes I haven’t worn for ten years! And shoes…..

Get rid of bedroom clutter

The simple solution is to be organized; to have a system of storage that works perfectly to suit you and whatever your particular hoarding habits might be.

This particular system utilizes a combination of double and long hanging interiors to your wardrobes.  Drawer chests are designed to slot into otherwise lost space. Open shelves of various sizes are used for easy access to knitwear and sock drawers.

Every inch of space is used including the awkward corner and overhead spaces so often wasted.

What about those shoes?

A shoe lover’s dream!

Now, hide it all behind stunning contemporary doors, or gorgeous traditional doors

And, not only is your room de-cluttered but, you are now the proud owner of a bedroom from  Queenline Fitted Kitchens & Bedrooms;  furniture that you will find to be both useful AND beautiful.

William Morris would be proud.

Call us for a bedroom brochure and allow us to design your perfect bedroom.  01204 307191

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bedroom clutter
Get rid of bedroom clutter
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